Service prices

Following prices do not include any parts which may be necessary. These will be charged at competitive rates and you will be asked permission before replacement. Electronic shifting, hydraulic brake bleeding and suspension repairs are excluded and will be estimated separately.



Check and Tune

This is a safety check of your bike 



Brakes and gears checked for damage and wear and adjusted,

 Tyres checked for damage /wear and re-inflated. 

 Cables checked for damage.

 Head set checked/adjusted and bolts re-torqued.

Chain lubricated

Frame checked for wear/damage. 




Hubs checked /adjusted, Wheels trued

Bottom bracket checked  

Drive train cleaned, lubricated, Indexed and hanger alignment checked

Basic clean using Muc-off products 



As Silver + Bronze + full strip down and rebuild

Full bike wash using Muc-off products

Hubs, head set and bottom bracket stripped, cleaned and re greased

Brake cables and gear cables replaced  

 Seat pin removed regreased  

Free fitting on new parts included in this service

Individual service and repair prices

Brake service – Brake adjustment, Clean, inspect pad/replace & Lubricate. From £20
Brake cables – replace inner cables and outer housing including Adjustments. Includes brake Service. £30
Hydraulic brake service & adjustment – Remove brake pads clean & inspect, replace fluid & bleed the system (Cost of fluid/mineral oil not included.) Per brake. £25
Disc brake fitting – single (to suitable frame/forks) £20

Gear service adjustment, Inspect & lubricate (front & rear) From £20
Gear cables replace & adjust Pair £25
Front derailleur replacement including adjustment £25
Rear derailleur replacement including adjustment £20

Rear derailleur hanger alignment £15

Combined a brake & gear service

Replace both gear and brake cable. Inner and outer cables. Plus set up of gears and brakes – £50 (taped bars £60+tape)

Chain & Cassette/Freewheel replacement. (A cassette/freewheel is normally considered to last for two worn chains, a new chain can slip on a worn cassette): £20
Bottom bracket replacement: £30
Chainset/Crankset replacement: £20
Chain-ring replacement: £25
Re-tap crank pedal thread: £10 each (£15 pair)
Degrease & lubricate drive-train: £15

Tyres and Wheels
Tyre or tube replacement: £10 
Tyre or tube replacement with hub gears: £15 
Wheel truing on jig : £20
Hub Service Front: £20
Hub Service Rear: £30
Replacing freehub body £30

Wheel building £35 (plus cost of parts)

Suspension & Headset
Fork fitting: £30
Headset service or replacement: £30
Fork service: £115 depending on make/model
Shock service £115 depending on make/model

Bars & Grips/Tape
Fit/replace Handlebar £25
Fit/replace stem £20
Bar Tape fitting £20

Seat & Seatpost

 Dropper post bleed £30

Dropper post service  £99
Replacement inner/outer, cable operated seat post £25

Fit saddle £10

Fitting and adjustment including lights, trip computer, bike prop, child carrier, mudguards,
luggage rack, bottle & cage: P.O.A

Bike wash
A full degrease of drive train components, Bike wash and re lubrication of drive train components. This is priced at £30 as a stand alone service.
Bike wash is included as part of a gold service and a basic clean included for a silver.

If you wish something done which is not listed above, please don't hesitate to ask and I will discuss a price.